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Welcome to Cream Crackered Blog: a health and lifestyle blog about life as a 30 something with a chronic illness. I started this blog just over a year ago when my life was turned on its head by a diagnosis of an incurable, long term neurological illness called M.E. After my diagnosis I was shocked to learn of how much stigma the disease is shrouded in, and the lack of support available to sufferers, so I started this blog with the aim of raising awareness of the disease and hopefully offering advice and support to fellow sufferers on how to build a new life alongside chronic illness. 

It has since grown into a wonderful, supportive, inclusive community on Instagram which I would love for you to join. You can find the links to all my social media accounts at the top of the page.

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Blue Badge Co. Parking Permit Cover - My Review

[Ad – gifted]

[I was gifted this item free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. I will always disclose any gifted items, experiences or services and I will always give my honest opinion. I will not be swayed by payment or reward.]

This is the second of the two items I was gifted from Blue Badge Co., and again this was a product I felt that I would genuinely get a lot of use out of. I received the garden birds design, which I was chuffed about because I have recently developed an interest in bird watching - it's a really low energy activity that I can enjoy without using up too many spoons.

The cover retails at £18 and the price includes a free timer clock. There is a range of designs available and they are even offering a limited edition Christmas design, if you want to add a festive touch to your car.

The permit cover is hologram safe, meaning the plastic doesn't obstruct the hologram on your permit and you can display your badge in its holder whilst adhering to the legal guidelines. Quality and Design

As with the tablet stand, my first impressions of the permit cover were that it was of a very high quality. My timer clock had started to get a little scratched up and worn from being chucked in my bag alongside my keys, and the numbers were starting to become a little faded so it's been brilliant to have something to protect my permit from wear and tear. The fabric is durable enough to be protective, but lightweight enough that it doesn't add too much bulk or weight to my permit and is still very easy to carry around, which is important when you have limited mobility or suffer from any kind of chronic pain issue.

I also found that the blue badge consisting of two separate parts meant it could be a little fiddly at times. I'm quite a clumsy person anyway, so I was forever losing my clock timer or dropping my badge when trying to retrieve them both from the glove compartment. Having a wallet to securely hold both items has made it easier for me to place it and retrieve it from the dashboard with considerably less energy and clumsiness than before.

The Importance of Style

As we in the disabled community know too well, so many products designed for us are lacking in style or flair. Something I like about the permit cover is that it makes my blue badge feel a little more like a stylish accessory and not just a clinical, government-issue aid. The different designs on offer are fashionable and will appeal to a range of tastes, and honestly it's just nice to have the option to style out your aids in the same way you would any other kind of accessory.

I know I can't speak for everyone, and I would never presume to, but when I first became disabled I found that I had internalised so much ableism throughout my life that it took me some time to get comfortable using any of my mobility/assistive devices out in public. I think that having the option to add a bit of personal style to your aids can help them feel a little less intimidating and help you begin your journey to becoming proud of your disabled identity.

I'm really pleased with my parking permit cover and have enjoyed using it whilst out and about at appointments this last couple of weeks. It's just a really stylish way to protect, store and display your permit and generally makes it easier to handle. They have a range of matching items available too, if you'd like to coordinate your accessories.

I do think that £18 is a lot of money to spend, especially if you don't have much to spare, but again I've done my research and have found that although there are some cheaper options available, the designs are basic and the fabrics don't look as attractive or high quality. If you are looking simply for function, then you could find a cheaper option, but if you want quality and fashionable design, as well as a company that employs and supports disabled people, then I highly recommend opting to spend a little more and buy a Blue Badge Co permit cover. They’ve still for some Black Friday discounts available on some products, so now would be a good time to pick up a a bargain.

Again, my only real complaint is that they’ve yet to add a cat design.

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